About me

Let’s start from the beginning:


I’m David and I’m Portuguese! In Portugal we tend to be given large names and in that sense I’m no exception: my full name is David Manuel da Silva Mourão Pinheiro. That’s as Portuguese as it can be! As Portuguese as the fado, the Algarve, la saudade and the pastel de nata.

I grew up in a small little village still very attached to its rural and traditional lifestyle at the heart of Portugal, about 100 km north from Lisbon. Then when the time came I moved to Lisbon and was eager to study music and Musicology, the former at the National Conservatory of Music (where I was trained as a classical singer) and the latter at the university (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). During my stay in Lisbon I quickly joined the musical and cultural scene of the city as a member of the Lisbon Chamber Choir (Coro de Câmara de Lisboa) and Gulbenkian Choir, and that is something I recall very dearly and not without some… saudade.

The year 2004 turned out to be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Having landed in Barcelona completely untrained on the languages spoken here and ignorant about this country’s history and traditions, I was far from guessing just to what extent the decision of moving here would set a turning point in my life in all its dimensions. I was confronted with new ideas and concepts, new experiences, and then a new and exciting life project started to unfold before me – not over the counter and hastily but rather as a process that began to grow before my eyes quite discretely but to a point that admitted no return. Eventually I was setting roots in this country I now regard as my own. And that brings us to today!

Ten years have passed which I’ve hardly noticed. After years engaged in the fascinating world of clinical trials with humans within the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry, today my life takes place under the caring watch of the sempiternal Montseny, peacefully and in good company, and at this stage I’m fully dedicated to translating. As a translator I get a sense os fulfilment and joy, and I only hope I may grow old as a translator.

Most of my free time is dedicated to spending time with my truly beloved passions, Kina and Duna, my two dogs, watching them play, crossing distances at the speed of light, giving proof of their great intelligence and of how well they have adapted as a species to live among humans. More often then not I can be seen running after them trying to steal their stick or their ball or whatever treasure they’re trying to protect, just as a fellow dog would do – or maybe as a proud father would…

Kina & Duna
Kina & Duna

Kina, the lighter-haired of the pack, was found by some children while she was wandering alone in Poblenou (Barcelona, Spain) on March 8, 2010. Many of us recall that day because of the unusual snow that fell and amazingly covered everything down to the shoreline. She was only one or two months old at the time so you can try to imagine a white and brown little puppy with her short little paws burying in the snow at each little step… After a strange but wonderful chain of events, though, this little puppy ended up in hour house and never walked alone again. We believe she would like to be a football player when she’s a grown up, and she has talent, alright!!

Duna, the darker-haired of the pack, was born here in the village at a neighbor’s house on August 13, 2012. I first saw her when she was only two weeks old and we finally received her at our house two weeks later. She was so tiny then, and look at her now, so big and proud! She was the only female of the litter and nowadays she’s the smallest of her 8 brothers. She’s very good and funny and has a strong sense of protection, but also quite stubborn, probably due to her mastiff genetic heritage. We still don’t know what she would like to be as a grown up… In fact, I would say that she’s actively trying not to become a grown up…

David Pinheiro, march 2014