Are you trying to find a native Portuguese translator?

bandeira-portugalIf you are looking for a native Portuguese translator, search no more! You have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out all I can do for you.


You see, language is more than a simple means of communication: it’s a very powerful tool for anyone to use, and yet… let’s be honest: very few people can use it to its full potential. Fortunately people are diverse and have different skills: you, for instance, could be a renowned chemist, the musical director of a major orchestra, or even run a successful business of parking lots. I am none of those, but I do know about writing and I can surely assist you in that way. I should warn you that I’m not a native English speaker, as you’ll probably have guessed by now, so I won’t take credit for writing in this language. Throughout this site, whenever I mention my writing skills I’ll always be referring to texts in Portuguese, Catalan and even Spanish.

So maybe you should consider letting me give you a hand in what I do best! Bear in mind that the choice of a certain word can mean the difference between seducing a potential client or scaring it away, between causing an impression with the strength of your arguments or appearing to be trying to sell smoke, or even between you sounding accurate or boring. And this is where I come in!

Send me an email at should you require my assistance in helping you get the attention you deserve, whether that is in Portuguese, Catalan or Spanish. If you’ll provide me with the information, I’ll dress it in a way that will look professional and impressive. But what exactly can I do for you, I’m sure you’re wondering:

  • I’m a copywriter: I’ll dress your ideas so that they’ll look appealing and convincing.
  • I’m a translator: I’ll be your voice in Portuguese, catalan and Spanish (and for the techies among you: I work with SDL Trados Studio 2014 on a regular basis, as well as glossaries and databases in order to assure the accuracy and the coherence of the translation).
  • I’m a proofreader: I’ll make sure the spelling, syntax and typography of the text are flawless. If needed be, I can also review the style of the text in order for you to rest assured that not only does your message get through but it is also expressed in the most adequate tone and register while conveying the best image of yourself.

My strengths?

  • Music: I studied Musicology at the university and classical singing at the music school of the National Conservatory in Lisbon (Portugal).
  • Philology and Linguistics: I studied Romance Philology and Linguistics at the University of Barcelona with a major in Catalan.
  • Clinical trials: After a few years working in the pharmaceutical industry, both at the Regulatory department and as a CTA, I got to know the field and its procedures, the documents that are used and, naturally, its linguistic requirements and specifics in terms of vocabulary. And because I worked in multicultural and multilingual environments, I’ve grown accustomed to dealing with these in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan.
  • General: I feel specially strong and at ease in those fields in which high quality writing is a factor, whether those fields relate to marketing, publicity, literature, artists’ biographies, academic writing and so forth.

Therefore, do give your ideas and your words the power they need and deserve! Make decisions that will make people want to hear you and know more about you, as well as your ideas and your business! Let us work together as partners!! David signatura gran